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The Psychology of Sports Fan

A large number of psychologists state that the psychology of a fan is entrenched in the ancient times when people lived in small tribes and warriors fought for their tribes representing “our people”. And, today social athletes somewhat play a similar character for schools, clubs, and international sports.

bad sports fans

Thus, being a sports fan connects you with deep emotional investment to something that actually has no real-world consequence. Sports do not guarantee happy endings and as a fan, you will ultimately enjoy or be sad as per the event. Well, deeply it matters and yet it doesn’t at all!

When sports fan genuinely say “we won”, then by “WE”, they don’t just represent themselves… but the team. The closer you know the team, the more you’ll bask in the reflected brilliance. However, after a loss, some and tend to take it personally and thus show the characteristics of bad sports fans.

Obviously, the only objective for a team is to win or stand in the competition at least. But, in reality, only one team will win. In the sports sector, losses and wins are inevitable. This is reason why sports leagues keep on updating match results rather than just putting a winning/losing context as it satisfies the fans. However, hardcore fans will still hold the passion of victory and loss, no matter what.

The passionate sports fans ignore their daily schedule and express freely by cheering for their favorite team and lashing out at the rivals. The rigorous feeling of winning and losing gives rise to bad sports fans.

The casual behavioral constraints like self-monitoring, awareness help the fans to control their emotions and prevent their behavior. Even the people who are introvert can explode when they’re in the fan mode. While some fans get excited after a drink, some feel devastated after a loss, others are just insane by nature and cannot control their anger. This gives rise to bad sports fans.

Former 1000cc super stock racing champion Abdul Rehman finishes second in the opening race of 2016 season

Once more Abdul Rehman Shaikh showed and outstanding race win challenging run at the Australian Circuit with his team Yamaha. In 2015 Abdul Rehman showed great skills and pushed his lucks to the limit to secure his first super-stock racing championship.

Abdul Rehman just started the 2016 season the way he finished back in 2015, on the last laps of the race he had a tough battle with his team-mate Abello, but unfortunately Shaikh could not catch up with Abello’s pace and the race first position was slipped through Abdul Rehman’s hands.

Abdul Rehman finished second in the race with his team-mate Michalle Abello finsihing first on the podium and a team Aprilla rider behind Abdul Rehman.

Abdul Rehman lost a lot of time to catch up and overtaking other riders before he could grab the second position. The weather played a very crucial role during the race, as the practices were conducted in stormy rain and on wet track with wet tire options, but the final race was under the scorching sun with dry conditions.

Abdul Rehman: “Starting off the season with second position is amazing! I am really happy that i finished the race safe and sound and in second position, and also i would like to thank my team because they have done a great supportive job and helped me to push myself and my motorcycle to become so competitive.

Thanks to all of Yamaha guys! I finished last with with wining the championship and starting this season with second position is definitely a positive sign and great feeling.

Of course, I am the defending champion this year so all eyes are on me, and every rider wants to pull me down, its like I have a target on my back and every rider is aiming for that. Definitely the competition will rise and get more intense as the season progresses but I am ready to defend my title and hopefully retain it this season as well.”


Starting Your Own Fitness Studio

If you are crazy and very passionate to work on your own terms, then being an owner of a fitness studio is a perfect move towards a strong career. Running a fitness studio presents you the golden chance to pursue a part of fitness which you are passionate about to work hard and earn more income.

But, to your surprise there are certain things which you need to consider setting up a fitness business and achieving success.

Fitness-Centre 1

Do research and start with a good plan

Planning is the main aspect and the foremost step in owning your gym or fitness studio. Question yourself at the beginning and begin a plan that helps you achieve your objective.

Go through financing, licensing and budget      

Licensing and financing are fundamental to establish your own fitness studio. Look for the financial help before hunting for the property as it may take a long time and lengthy process of clearing the financial formalities and other forms that are imperative. Besides this, make sure that the licensing is followed to own the studio and begin the service. Finally, assure that you follow a budget and work according to it as spending more and more which is not affordable may lead you into debts.

Identify the target market

Work out about your customers and what are their requirements which let you meet their services and target the market exactly. Offer the classes as per the age groups and the ability level that let you understand their capacity and the process.

Get qualified

Practice makes a man perfect to preach. Get the qualification to open your own studio as a business and offer persona training. Learn the practical skills and achieve theoretical knowledge to offer services to the clients besides, marketing, staffing, management and other utilities.

They are serious about helping you create your own fitness studio with the right direction and Resources for Starting Your Own Fitness Studio. To build a strong business plan for your fitness studio, click on and learn the things that let you design and begin the fitness business on the right path.

Find Best Golf Lessons Online For Professional Golf Events

If you are playing golf just for fun then it would not really be hard for you to practice it without any professional assistance or guidance because there would be no one actually judging your performance from the critic point of view.

There would be no one who will actually observe your smallest play time mistake and point it out as your weakness. But when you decide to be the part of professional events of golf club then it matters a lot. They observe every single thing so it is important that you take professional Golf lessons in order to become perfect from all aspects in the golf.

Golf Lessons OnlineBut, you would not be able to get the benefit of great golf skills when you have not chosen right place for your lessons. If you want to be one of the best in Golf Events then it is important that you lessons are professional as well.

So, you should check the background of the golf teaching institution before actually taking their services. You should be careful about the effectiveness check of the golf teaching institution before making them your choice.

You can research on the internet about the best options for professional Golf lessons. When you will research in this matter then you will find out various recommendations or references from the other people who have already taken the lessons from specific institutions. You should make the list of found references and then you should check and compare all of them to find the best one for your requirement.

Zone Ball: Eye catchy game to improve throwing and catching skills

Ball games are the most passionate games among the teenagers and even interested by elders to come out and take part as the best outdoor activity. As it is the most played game in the form of football and baseball, the new invented game is the Zone Ball designed to enhance your enjoyment and make you active with the best session plans.


The most interesting part of the game is that it is quite attention-grabbing and out of the ordinary game to learn, play and have fun and make it a great part of your workout or aerobics to perform and stay fit.

Zone ball is the new game invented by Steve Strangio who at present is performing the demo of the game all through the country. His aim is to raise recognition and create leagues which present interest in the game to learn its rules and compete in a tournament.

Every week new episodes are presented in the form of videos to view and learn the game to try with family and friends and make it the best part of recreation and outdoor activity.

You are provided with a Zone Ball game package in the form of a physical education which is easy to learn and make it a regular activity to play and stay fit and healthy.

To get it in an easy way, the creator has added the game to the NASCO catalogue and the best sport to buy the kit, learn the rules of the game and shot on the goal to get more points based upon the shoots.

Zone Ball is a fast paced game that can be adapted to inline skates and even by the wheelchair athletes and feel the joy enjoyed by the healthy player. To know more about the new sport and its rules, click on and purchase the kit that let you begin the game with the goal device available in the kit package.

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