Its summer time and soccer is a dominant part of many youth athletes summer plans.  During these hot and steamy summer months it is easy to avoid some basic preventative maintenance on an athlete’s body.  There are things you can do to help make your soccer experience more enjoyable and help you compete at a higher level.

soccer chafing

Chafing is a large problem for many athletes.  Chafe occurs when your skin is exposed to repeated friction in areas on the legs, thighs, and mid-section.  The key is prevention.  Take the necessary steps needed to prevent the chafing and friction related skin conditions.  Soccer players are susceptible to chafing due to the intense running during the match.  They can also suffer from friction and chafe under and around sports bras and groin areas.

Soccer plays can use many products to help prevent these painful conditions but one stands out as a great alternative for soccer.  ChafeZone is a premium skin lubricant that is easy to apply, long lasting and moisture resistant.  Apply ChafeZone before your athletic activity to help prevent these painful skin irritations.  It works great in all of the areas listed above.  It also works great to help prevent rubbing that can occur under your shin guards.  Apply ChafeZone direction to the skin between the shin guards to reduce the friction and irritation that can cause chafe.  This technique is used by collegiate soccer players around the country.

ChafeZone was created by a Certified Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist and is used by youth, collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes.  Since 2001, the team at MedZone, makers of ChafeZone, have worked diligently to provide products that help athletes because they understand that EveryBODY Hurts.  You can find ChafeZone at the company website,, or online at Amazon. Follow MedZone on Twitter @goMedZone or on Facebook

Try the travel size or the normal size ChafeZone to see how it can you have a more enjoyable summer playing soccer.  Prevention is the key and you can start with ChafeZone to help with your prevention efforts.