So, it appears that you’ve gone serious about advancing your agility and overall athletic presentation. But first, you should find out what is agility!


Agility is body control. It explains fast foot speed, faster reaction of the nervous system and all round explosiveness. Speed is capability to flat out as well as max out and run better than anyone else.

For sports, you require speed and agility, but unluckily, all training programs concentrate on strength training and speed and ignore agility completely.

Including a good agility training program in your normal workout routine could improvise your overall performance dramatically.

Thumb Rule

For athletes who don’t need agility in-season training (for instance, distance runners) off-season agility training could advance their overall performance.

While, the athletes that immensely rely on agility in-season training (for instance, football), they should focus heavily on agility.

Agility training programs

Agility training is slightly tougher than speed or strength training as it requires expert equipment. Agility ladders and jump ropes are the two most essential options in the market.

You can include new exercises slowly. This will gradually enhance your body’s intensity to adjust. While ropes are easy for athletes, agility ladders are different and require longer learning.

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