For those interested in fantasy sports but based more on the sportsbook betting aspect, along with access to trivia, news and forums to correspond with other members, then PixxPros could be just what you’re looking for.

PixxPros is a sportsbook contest that is free to join and play and you can win real cash prizes along the way. If you are worried about the commitment for keeping up with a roster for an entire sesaon, PixxPros has an answer for that. Choose the option that is most suitable for you, whether it’s a single day event, weekly, weekend, monthly or season long conest, PixxPros has it all!

The goal is to create a way for sports fans to get on games in a contest setting without having to risk mone to play. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, PixxPros adds increasing amount of excitements for users.

Not sure what contests are available? With PixxPros that’s new an issue, simply check the Featured Contest where you can search for paid or free contests in whatever sports you like. Dates that the contest runs, entry fees etc are all easily available to pick the contest that is most suitable to you!

While some site make users wait for their payouts, not the case with PixxPros, we offer instanst payouts so members feel confident about their win and come back for more contests.

If you want more, you can sign up for the VIP pacakage which offers more benefits including special offers.

Users can also test their sports knowledge in the sports trivia question. If interested in the latest sports new, not a problem as PixxPros has a section of up to date sports articles. There is also a forum to communicate with other members on a variety of sports topics and is a great way to make new sports friends from around the globe.

Never be out of the loop as you can follow PixxPros on Facebook, Twitter, Google and Instagram. Check regularly for new contests and events!