Since the advent of protective gear and appliances meant to enhance the overall safety of a motorcycle or a horse rider or perhaps someone just engaged in high impact sports activities, very few of these things manage to stand out of the rest.

For instance, the Airbag One is a new chest protection vest that is designed to offer superior protection for the chest, neck, spine along with your abdomen area in any weather or activity when you need it the most. It achieves this sort of protection based on anchor cables, pre-installed CO2 Cartridge, and a deployment system. More importantly, its unique ergonomic design allows users to use it an outer layer or perhaps places underneath your existing gear for added protection.

airbag for bikers


Excellent padding- unlike conventional motorcycle safety jackets, the protection equipment offered by the Airbag One vest comes with essential padding while at the same time helping to accommodate your personal style and preference. In fact, its exclusive design is developed to fit underneath your traditional gear or perhaps your equestrian coat. Each vest goes through a host of quality tests upon creation to guarantee prolonged comfort and usability in mind.

Integrated Airbag- the Airbag One comes with an integrated airbag system along with a little CO2 Cartridge. The main gist behind the airbag`s functionality is that it is triggered by a light pull cord constructed from twisted steel alloy wire. After a gentle pull, the system inflates in as little as 0.18seconds thus helping to protect the rider, mitigating the effects of impact from injuring the neck, spine, back as well as many other abdominal organs.

Available in multiple designs- the manufacturers of this awesome protection gear shake things up further and demonstrate their obsession for progression making the vest available in as much as three exterior designs. They include Black, Camouflage and High Viz.

Overall, when taken together, the Airbag one is a worthwhile addition to your riding regime. In fact, when it is used with other safety gear such as the helmet, users are safe from the effects of high impact activities and situations.