One of the common objections you listen from hitters is that their coaches dump on them for making use of forward momentum for the simple reason that it has a lot of head motion. The coaches say that the perfect swing should not include head motion.

Well, they aren’t wrong! But there is some confusion when head motion is right and when not! Here the best baseball swing hacking is that the right swing has a head motion. All dynamic motion do. There are times head motion matters a lot:

Balance with no thoughts

Proprioception- Though an ugly word, but there is a lot of inclusion of it with the perfect swing when you link it with head movement. Stand up on one leg and shut your eyes… your standing ankle or wobbly foot can balance your body??? This occurs without you thinking about it, unconscious procedure somewhat like breathing. Here’s how hitters balance without thinking breaks down when looking for the best swing.

Situation 1- The Sit Back Hitter- Put 60 percent of your weight on back left while striding, trying to be soft with landing foot like you’ve placed your foot on unbroken eggshells.

Situation 2- Forward Momentum Hitter- When striding, keep 60% of the body weight to your front leg in landing, thus breaking the eggshells of the Situation 1!

Now apply proprioception to when you leave the above two situations:

In situation 1, in order to bring the body to balance, the brain put the weight ahead in the Final Turn or simply put, the head move a little late.

In situation2, in order to restore the balance, the brain keeps the weight back in the Final Turn. As the linear momentum gets transferred to angular momentum, the head becomes the rotation center including spine.