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Barcelona Soccer Star Lionel Messi Sentenced To 21 Months’ Jail

Barcelona’s Argentinian soccer star Lionel Messi has been sentenced to 21 months in prison and fined 2 million euros ($2.2 million) after being found guilty of three counts of tax fraud, a court in the Spanish city said on Wednesday.

The court handed the same jail sentence to the Argentine soccer player’s father, Jorge, and fined him 1.5 million euros. However, in Spain it is customary that those sentenced to under two years for non-violent crimes do not serve time in jail.

adMessi, 29, and his father were accused by the Spanish tax office of defrauding the government of 4.2 million euros ($4.7 million) in tax between 2007 and 2009.

The court found that they had used a web of shell companies to evade taxes on income from the player’s image rights.

Messi, five-times World Player of the Year, said during the trial that he had no knowledge of the dealings and that his father had control over his financial affairs. But the court said this was not enough for him to avoid charges.

The defendants can appeal to the supreme court, the Barcelona local court said in its statement.

Messi and his father had already paid 5 million euros to the tax authorities as a “corrective” measure after formal investigations were opened.

The footballer is 10th on Forbes Magazine’s list of the world’s highest-earning athletes over the past decade, with an estimated income of $350 million during this period. ($1 = 0.9034 euros) (Reporting by Angus Berwick and Emma Pinedo; Editing by Kevin Liffey)

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Enjoy more soccer with less Chafing

Its summer time and soccer is a dominant part of many youth athletes summer plans.  During these hot and steamy summer months it is easy to avoid some basic preventative maintenance on an athlete’s body.  There are things you can do to help make your soccer experience more enjoyable and help you compete at a higher level.

soccer chafing

Chafing is a large problem for many athletes.  Chafe occurs when your skin is exposed to repeated friction in areas on the legs, thighs, and mid-section.  The key is prevention.  Take the necessary steps needed to prevent the chafing and friction related skin conditions.  Soccer players are susceptible to chafing due to the intense running during the match.  They can also suffer from friction and chafe under and around sports bras and groin areas.

Soccer plays can use many products to help prevent these painful conditions but one stands out as a great alternative for soccer.  ChafeZone is a premium skin lubricant that is easy to apply, long lasting and moisture resistant.  Apply ChafeZone before your athletic activity to help prevent these painful skin irritations.  It works great in all of the areas listed above.  It also works great to help prevent rubbing that can occur under your shin guards.  Apply ChafeZone direction to the skin between the shin guards to reduce the friction and irritation that can cause chafe.  This technique is used by collegiate soccer players around the country.

ChafeZone was created by a Certified Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist and is used by youth, collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes.  Since 2001, the team at MedZone, makers of ChafeZone, have worked diligently to provide products that help athletes because they understand that EveryBODY Hurts.  You can find ChafeZone at the company website,, or online at Amazon. Follow MedZone on Twitter @goMedZone or on Facebook

Try the travel size or the normal size ChafeZone to see how it can you have a more enjoyable summer playing soccer.  Prevention is the key and you can start with ChafeZone to help with your prevention efforts.

Judge Your Classic Soccer Management Skill With Club Manager 2016

Who does not like playing some games in the free time? And when the game is related to the sports of your choice then it becomes even more interesting and exciting for the people who play it. There are thousands of games available that might relate to this topic but Classic Soccer Management Sim has always been one of the best choices in the sports category.

Club manager 2016

It allows you to do the soccer management with advanced features. And now, Club Manager 2016 has become even better with the new additional game update. These updates are intended to give users better game playing experience.

When we say that the players of this game will get better game playing experience then it means that there would be so many new assistive and facilitating features that will make your gameplay more exciting and convenient for you.

Additionally, these brand new gaming update in this game have also carried so many visual and graphical enhancements which means that there would be better graphics for you and you would be able to have the best game playing experience.

Most importantly, Club Manager 2016 has become one of the most popular soccer simulation games in the present time because it offers you to find the amazing new challenges and higher level excitement. Additionally, nearly 200 soccer nations has been implemented in this game that makes it even more exciting and gives the experience of actual soccer sports.

So, what are you waiting for? If you like soccer then this is the must play game for you. Don’t miss it at all. Try it today and see what is there for you.

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The soccer is highly appreciated and popular sports. It does not only possess entertainment and fun, it has the quality of activeness and it requires skills of various kinds. If you want to be good at this sport then it is really very important that you don’t neglect the importance of Soccer Training.

Training makes you suitable for the sport and that is what you need to become expert in this sport. There are so many training options available for you but the most perfect training is done at home because if you want to be perfect at the Soccer sport then regularity is the most important thing in the process.

Soccer Training

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