An academy is basically a systematic institution or college where a specific skill or subject is taught. So, obviously a youth football academy is a place where junior football team member’s visit, with a desire to learn the correct tactics and right techniques to play football.

Football academies like the Fc academy prepare fresh footballers for a professional career in sports. Many young football enthusiasts enrol themselves into academies with a dream to become the best professional footballer in the world.

Thus, there is a great responsibility over a football academy to ensure that they have an academy that can offer opportunities to every young player.

So setting a youth football academy can be a very challenging task. You cannot take it lightly and one needs to do detailed research and complete preparation for such purposes.

You need to have a lots of enthusiasm, energy, devotion and of course love of football, if possible to set up your own football academy.

Here are of few important consideration that you need to keep in mind before you start –

The first rule to set up academy like Fc academy is to hire the right person for the right job. It is important for the success of all types of businesses. It will help in delivering impactful coaching to young players. As the academy starts growing, you can hire more staff for new positions.

Having a perfect pitch to hold football games and training is the most important part of your plan for football academy. So when searching a playing field, you must keep safety issues in mind. You can buy or even rent the land.

When you have got the pitch then you definitely need some talented players to utilize it. You need to have a systematic recruitment procedure for players so that you may hire them on merit basis.

Always invest your precious money in the right tools that deliver top class performance during training sessions. Try to maintain them well, as they are quite expensive.

Always fulfil all the legal requirements, without any delay. You must register your academy to meet the legal obligations; this will increase the credibility of your academy.